Listing Consultations

When should I schedule a listing consultation?

Sellers take advantage of a listing consultation as soon as a few days before listing to a year prior to listing or longer. Anytime you are ready is best for the team at Eau Claire Realty!

What should I expect at a listing consultation?


A listing consultation is basically a “get to know each other and the property” meeting. We want you to feel comfortable with the real estate agent that represents you and your property.

Informal Tour of Property

One of our real estate professionals will meet you at the property you are interested in selling. Your property does not need to be show ready. In fact, most properties we visit are lived in. This provides the owners with an opportunity to get experienced advice on where to focus time and energy in getting a property ready to show. This might include suggesting updates, pointing out repairs, or identifying features to accentuate.

Part of the agent’s consultation will include making notes on features, taking measurements, and getting a thorough understanding of all that your individual property has to offer. We will use this information to help us research and suggest a listing price.

Questions are our favorite!  During this time ask us any questions about the process of selling. We want you to feel 100% confident when working with one of our professionals. Marketing Overview:

Eau Claire Realty provides extensive marketing for our listings. We will go over where and how we market your property and how we reach as many buyers as possible when you list with us. If you have personal preferences, we can customize our approach to best meet your needs.

What happens after a listing consultation?

After a listing consultation we will schedule a follow up meeting, call, or email with our Market Analysis and listing price suggestions based upon the research completed by our team.

Ready to set up an appointment with one of our real estate professionals?

Give us a call at (715) 552-1818.